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Bringing affairs to a close

Dealing with the death of a loved one can be a very difficult and stressful time for all. Our solicitors can assist you in bringing your loved one’s affairs to a close and ensure that their wishes for their estate are carried out quickly and effectively.

What is Executry?

“Executry” is the term used to describe the estate of a deceased person once it has passed to an executor for distribution. The Executor of an estate acts as the person’s representative following their death and it is their responsibility to ingather your assets, settle any outstanding debts and divide your estate in line with regulations and according to your wishes.
The role of Executor is a serious responsibility and Executors can be held personally liable for their acts in certain circumstances. The administration process can be very complex, particularly for larger estates and it is important that your Executor gets clear and accurate advice on what to do next. Our solicitors can help support your Executor as well as provide them with clear and simple advice, helping them to navigate this complicated process, during what will be a difficult and emotional time for them.